Our experts, here to help

Our consultancy team has been helping major broadcasters, studios and indie producers for more than 20 years. We support a wide range of companies in their research, sales and commissioning needs, as well as commercial M&A activity.  Our skilled team is on hand to help you if you need some extra insight, or don't have the time or manpower yourself.  Let us be your external research department, and benefit from our years of experience analysing media content and data.



Giving insight beyond what is available on, our regular reports are tailored to client requirements on content and presentation style. 

Projects include;

  • Bespoke analysis and reporting
  • Minute data
  • Reach data
  • Ad-hoc, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports
  • Raw data and in-depth analysis
  • Monthly updates on genre efficiency in delivering audience
  • Analysis of titles delivering most ad impacts
  • Geographical Report


Attentional’s own MetaData and specialist coding allows more detailed analysis of television content, viewing and consumption.

Projects have included:

  • Profile of audiences for detective dramas on PSBs
  • Analysis of horse racing on TV to see which race meets and events had the greatest reach
  • Breakdown of reach and ad impacts over multiple years by channel sales houses
  • Analysis of wide range of sports events to see which performed best for both  live and non-live broadcasts
  • Identifying number of brand new titles each year across PSB channels