About us


The ratings division of international media consultancy Attentional.

Founded in 1990 as the first supplier of BARB data to the independent production sector, we now provide data, analysis and high level consultancy to production companies, broadcasters, studios and media agencies around the world.  Taking the existing products online in 2007, the brand was born and ever since has been the leading online platform for the analysis of UK television ratings.  Using the latest technology, puts ratings data at your fingertips 24/7 in an easy to use and attractive format. Ratings analysis no longer needs to be a complex process requiring a specific skillset.

Whats new?

We've moved !... has moved to the heart of British Broadcasting with a new office at Television Centre. Providing the company with a London base for the first time, we are looking forward to hosting client events in the fantastic new space. Do pop by and say hello !

VOD viewing data now in online...

For the first time see total viewing accross Broadcast TV and on demand platforms such as BBC iPlayer, All4, ITV Player, UKTV Play and more, all in one place.  The new Content Report on online incoporates viewing data across all broadcaster platforms to give you a total audience number.


Global Appeal

The international appeal of, since starting we have attracted interest from over 158 countries...

The Team

Chris - Chris is Head of and Chief Commercial Officer of Attentional. Chris Humpherson was heavily involved in building the company’s commercial operations in the UK and USA. He also helped to take Attentional data services online via its web service, now used by producers, broadcasters and studios around the world. 

Fiona - Fiona joined Attentional in 2002 as head of the Metadata department, as well as providing support for clients of online. She is our senior analyst, and also supervises the additional logging of Attentional’s proprietary coding system alongside BARB data, creating an extensive resource for statistical analysis. This has provided the basis for projects looking at areas such as independent production, UK-originated programming and measuring the levels of PSB programming. Fiona also creates ad-hoc and regular reports for clients.

Gary – Our technical genius, Gary is the mastermind of the system. As well as this he is also the lead developer on a number of projects ranging from online gambling, to communications to defense. Highly regarded in the industry, Gary’s experience in building so many business critical systems is key in making the leading ratings tool.

Kate - Kate runs the day to day operations of, ensuring that all its clients are well looked after. With a Media degree and a background in production including time at ITV studios and Lionsgate, Kate has a great knowledge of the industry and what our production, broadcast and studio clients require.

James – has been working with Gary since early 2011 and has contributed to the technical foundation of the system by continually introducing new functionality, features and technology. James is fast gaining experience across many different business sectors and gets a real kick from delivering technical solutions to help businesses grow.

Aidan – Aidan Dickson has over 20 years experience in software design and development during which he has been involved in software development projects for companies including Lloyds TSB, British Telecom, Global Marine Systems, William Hill, EuroClear and The Mars Corporation. He has worked both as a private consultant, and as the leader of large development teams.  Specializing in Microsoft.Net and related technologies he has considerable experience in relational database design and implementation as well as framework and application architecture and user interface and application design.