Overnight Reports

Our Overnight Reports are delivered via email by our class-leading system within seconds of the data being made available by BARB, at 9.30am seven days a week. These reports are available in both Excel and in a text version for Smartphones and tablets, both entirely customizable to suit your business’s individual requirements, with automatic highlighting of your own shows and many other bespoke display options.

Uniquely, our reports for the main channels are time-checked against broadcasts. What does this mean? It means we don’t just rely on the schedules to provide us with details of what was broadcast and when, we check what was ACTUALLY broadcast via our own recording systems that monitor channels 24/7.  Doing this captures last minute changes in schedules as well as any delays or over-runs, and has resulted in more than 1 million additional viewers being correctly identified for one of our client’s shows that would otherwise not have been reported by the industry.

Although an automated process, every morning’s data run is monitored by staff. This has many QC benefits as well as ensuring that, if there is a data delay from BARB, we are able to notify our clients within seconds of it being reported to us, along with as much information on the likely availability time as possible.

Many of our clients use Overnight Reports as a general “heads up” on the previous day’s ratings and our online service for more in-depth analysis.

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  • TimeChecking – we are the only supplier to report against actual transmissions;
  • Channels – select from all BARB reported channels;
  • Demographics – select from all BARB demographics;
  • Performance Indicator – a unique evaluation tool to measure programme performance based on genre, timeslot and channel;
  • Top Ranking Tables – list of top performing programmes per channel or per timeslot;
  • SmartPhone delivery – delivery in easy-to-read format for Blackberry, iPhone etc
  • Full mobile platform - Online searchable overnight database, optimised for mobile and tablet.
  • Excel, PDF and text reporting – all formats supported, simply select which is your preferance;
  • Daypart summaries - channel level reporting for the day, or any period within the day;
  • Customised display features - a range of options, including highlighting the slot winner or your own shows;
  • Content transmission alerts and reports - reporting on just your shows, tell us which shows you want to know about and we will tell you all about them when transmitted;